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New Jersey's Oldest Oriental Rug Dealer

Oriental rugs have been enjoyed for their warm, inviting appeal for over 2500 years.  There is no substitute for the charm of a decorative, durable Persian, Indian or Turkish rug.  We have been selling, repairing and cleaning these types and many more for over 78 years and have the finest collection in the NJ/PA/NY area.

"Art for the floor"

Art for the floor - Orental RugMany are one-of-a-kind designs that can never be fully duplicated, making your rug a personal statement that expresses your unique taste in fine home decor. There are countless designs and combinations that compliment your home's furnishings and set the right mood for each and every room in your home.


Long lasting beauty

In additional to new rugs, we have pre-owned rugs in stock that are aged over 100 years old!  Nothing holds up quite like a hand made rug, made with the best quality materials, using construction techniques that have been perfected over millenia.

Clean, well lit, comfortable showroom

Hamrah rug showroomYou don't need to visit a dirty warehouse to get a good deal on a top quality rug.  Hamrah's showrooms are bright, well laid out, climate controlled and staffed with expert professionals who have made a lifelong career in the rug and carpet industry.

Visit one of our showrooms and browse our selection of beautiful rug designs, imported exclusively for S.K. Hamrah Carpet & Rug.


Bob George, displaying some fine oriental rugs

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