NJ Oriental Rug Repairs and Restoration

For over 2,500 years, oriental rugs have been used in the East by nomads and villagers for warmth and beauty. More recently in the West, they have graced homes with their art and luxury, and complement any decor. An Oriental rug is a purchase for a lifetime and will last for many generations when properly maintained. The information contained here offers simple, basic advice for the protection and care of your investment.

Why repair that old rug?

A quality rug is a long-term investment.  Properly cared for, it could last many lifetimes.  Imagine your children's children enjoying the rug that adorns your living room today!  Loose threads on the edges of your rug could cause it to unravel, leading to permanent damage.  Proper care, maintenance and necessary repairs will help to preserve the beauty and value of your rug.

Types of repairs

Hole repair

Holes require rebuilding of the rug foundation, followed by careful rebuilding of the pile, which is then trimmed to pile height of the rug.  This precision work must be performed by hand by a skilled rug artisan.

Color restoration

Colors can be lost over time, due to wear or other damage,  Wool rugs utilize vegetable-based

Moth damage repair

Binding & edge repair

Fringe repair, replacement or removal

The fringe is that finishing touch that gives your oriental rug its distinctive look.  Years of foot traffic, pet encounters and getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner will lead to an uneven or otherwise damaged fringe.  There are several types of fringe stitches and we repair them all.  You may also opt to completely replace your fringe or even shorten it to reduce the chances of a future vacuum cleaner accident.

Dry rot repair

This is caused when the rug is allowed to get wet and dries slowly, causing a mildew for form, which eats away at the fibers of the rug.  Houseplants and Christmas trees are common causes of this.

Oriental rugs are generally made of wool and are easily and economically maintainable. Rugs of wool are extremely durable and consistently outperform other materials. Unlike other fibers, wool is much more resilient, cleans better, and stays clean longer.

NJ Oriental rug repair


In case of damage, just about any problem can be solved with professional restoration. Old and antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven where worn and restored to life. Newer rugs rarely require repair or restoration. An experienced professional must always be consulted in these matters.


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