A thorough cleaning process for truly clean rugs

As rug cleaning experts since 1934, we have a well-developed process in place for cleaning fine oriental rugs, which treats odors and stains while preserving the beauty and integrity of even the finest hand-made Oriental rugs from Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey, Armenia, Morocco, Egypt, China, Persia, Russia, Greece, Belgium and beyond. Our Plainfield, NJ rug cleaning facility is equipped to clean rugs from 2’x3’ up to “palace-size” rugs of 15’x30’ or more!

Optional Rug Pickup Service
Hamrah’s trained technicians can pick up your rug at your residence or business. A dirty rug can leave quite a mess in your car or truck or may be difficult to handle and transport. We take the worry out of the process. At your request, we’ll roll your rug up and transport it by truck to our cleaning plant. After the rug has been fully cleaned and dried, we’ll make an appointment to deliver the clean rug and we’ll unroll it and set it into place for you. Easy!

Inspection and Pre-cleaning
This is our chance to evaluate the rug and identify stains and damage to the rug before the washing process begins. After photographing and performing dust cleaning on your rug, we’ll carefully inspect it for any signs of damage, worn areas or missing/loose fringe, as well as performing UV light and visual examinations to help pinpoint any stains or discoloration.

Dye Migration Test
Before the wash the rug, it's important to check to make to make sure the dyes are stable. We use the time-tested process of a clean, moistened white cloth and direct pressure in order to determine if there is any color transfer to the cloth.

Washing Process
Hosing and shampooing by hand using biodegradable surfactants which are proven safe for wool and its dyes. On fine oriental rugs, it’s absolutely a must that this process is performed by hand in order to provide a thorough cleaning and the proper care required. A fresh water rinse using softened water removes residual organics. Repeated shampoo/wash/rinse cycles may be required. As with any cleaning process, we’re not finished until the rinse water runs clear.

In order to prevent damage, a carefully controlled and executed drying process has been put in place. The rugs dry flat overnight and are hung in our climate-controlled drying room.

In many cases, the entire wash/dry process must be repeated!

Final Inspection
The clean and dry rug is carefully inspected by our technician. We’ll contact you to discuss repairs, if required. Finally, the rug will receive a final manicure and be rolled and bound or folded (as needed) pickup or delivery.




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